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Friday, October 17, 2008


The tomb of Rabbi Abraham Baal HaNess lies at the edge of the mellah in Azemour. I’d seen many pictures of the sight but was still excited to “find” it for myself. It wasn’t too difficult to find. I had heard that local kids will follow you to the sight and then ask for compensation for their troubles. I was prepared but it didn’t happen. I found the tomb and the guardian. As he opened up the gate an Israeli couple and the wife’s elderly mother approached with a guide. What were the odds that we would all show up at the same time? I spoke to the wife in Hebrew. She seemed surprised to find me there and perhaps suspicious of whom I was. The tomb and surrounding complex are in perfect condition. I spent about 15 minutes inside and left. I left to find myself surrounded by about 10 local kids and women who to invoked the Rabbi’s name when begging.

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