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Monday, August 25, 2008

The apartment

We arrived in Casablanca on August 11, exchanged some money, had a bite to eat, and hoped on the train to Rabat. We were picked up by our host Nourredine who showed us the apartment we would be staying in in Temara, a small city south of Rabat. Temara was farther from Rabat than I had previously thought but it was a place that we agreed would work for at least the first month.

The apartment is big: two bedrooms, a nicely sized living room complete with wall to wall couches, kitchen, and bathroom. In general the apartment has two problems: 1) It is far from Rabat (about an hour by bus) and 2) the toilet is Turkish. Nonetheless it is a refuge from everything outside the apartment. Our neighborhood is friendly. We are already known at virtually every vegetable stand, grocery, and the one restaurant.

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