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Monday, August 25, 2008

Headed to Chefchaouen

On Tuesday, August 12, after exploring Rabat, we made our way to CTM (the bus station). It was far less chaotic then I envisioned and certainly less chaotic then its counterpart in Cairo. Our plan was to head to Chefchaouen the next morning and then continue on from there to Azjen and then to Ouezzane. There was a sign at the station that indicated Chefchaouen and I spoke to the attendant inside. He said that buses leave for Chefchaouen almost every hour and that there was a 9 am and that we should show up the next day at 8.30. Success!

Dutifully we returned the next morning at 8.30 only to be told that the next bus left at 11. Slightly annoyed but cavaliering forward with a TIM (This is Morocco) attitude we bought our 11 o’clock tickets and sat outside at the station café drinking mint tea and making cheese and tomato sandwiches for our journey. While the journey was estimated at around 8 hours the bus took a little less than 6. We drove northwest to our destination passing sights that I would eventually visit including Ouezzane and signs for places like Ksar El Kebir.

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