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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Algerian Synagogue in Oujda

Just to give you a little taste of how the research comes to fruition. This is a photo from Jacob Pinkerfelds Synagogues in Northern Africa. In the 50s Pinkerfeld visited numerous communities throughout Morocco and much of what we know visually comes from his photographers photographs. For example, the restoration of Ibn Dannan in part used photographs from his work. This is the Algerian Synagogue in Oujda as it was some 55 years ago. It was much smaller than the Grande Synagogue and had no womens section.

This is a photograph taken last year. It is the same building, the same syangogue. It still stands and the door is locked. The star of David has been removed but its outline remains. If you look closely the street number remains the same.


Hack_AWA said...

This is an old post, but I wanted to point out that Oujda is in Morocco, NOT in Algeria. Unless there is another Oujda I'm not aware of.

Chris Silver said...

Yes Oujda is in Morocco but the synagogue was for the Algerian Jewish community that lived in Oujda. Think of it as the Algerian synagogue as opposed to the Moroccan synagogue. Hope this helps.