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Friday, September 5, 2008


Our taxi driver, Hicham, agreed to take us to Dad but it seemed as though he was in a hurry. We followed a winding road to the structure. Inside lay the tombs of tzaddikim such as Nissim Ben Nissim but today was Sunday and it seemed no attendants were around to let us in. I was disappointed but it seemed like the area was a gold mine of history with possible real treasures out there. We returned to Beni Ahmed. Mustapha had told us that the place next to the pharmacy wasn’t a synagogue at all but rather a Jewish school, an Alliance school. It was now a storage facility for wheat. I walked up to the structure introduced myself and asked if I could enter. Sure no problem everyone said. I asked them if they knew what this place used to be. There was an arch inside that looked like an entry way and interesting wrought iron work over the door. This used to be a Jewish school I said. Maybe they said. They began to talk amongst themselves as Jen offered everyone sweets from the stash that Mustapha had given us as a going away present. I took some photos and we headed home this time via Berachid to Rabat. I now have the contact information for Mustapha and Hicham and will hopefully return to this place in the near future.

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